blushy boy

(This will be my only COVID-19 related post, as everyone is saying everything there is to say, and I am trying to maintain some distance from the conversation because it’s ubiquitous and overwhelming!)

STAY HOME, they say, and of course we should if we can.

In DC, you can still walk around, but you can’t sit down in public. No basking in the newfound sunlight of Spring. Even being permitted to walk around, though, it’s probably best to spend as much time indoors as possible–less risk and all that. And for the most part, my introverted self is thriving with this unprecedented license to enjoy my own company. But I am missing that outdoor warmth, and the guideline against enjoying it is naturally increasing its allure.

Without the sun, there is no tan, no burn. And so, to feel a small amount of connection to this forbidden Spring, I’ve brought out my cream blush, peachy nude. On the tops of the cheekbones, with the most intensity under the outer corners of the eyes, and a touch on the bridge of the nose, I’m artificially just about an hour overcooked. Cream formulas are hydrating, giving the skin the feel of a slightly plumping bounciness. They’re by nature mildly illuminating, a satin finish. How flushed and healthy I look, and I feel great with all this fake vitamin D.

That’s it! If you’re looking for a listicle on surviving the emotional turmoil of quarantine, I am totally unqualified. But I can assure you that a little cream blush does wonders in providing a moment of deserved radiance every time you catch your reflection in the mirror.

One thought on “blushy boy

  1. Thanks for adding a little lightness to our day! Personally, I have been enjoying the freedom of not wearing any makeup for the first time in 40 years! But after reading this, I may have to rethink that.


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